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What time is it? It's Guac O'Clock. Guac O'Clock is a food truck, specializing in handmade Mexican food starring its authentic guacamole. These products were created for a fictional client grown from a Corporate ID class. 


Get "FROSTed" with the seltzers that will leave you feeling refreshed after each sip.


Grainwood Farms is an organic farm that has decided to expand to the cereal market and wanted to completely re-brand the company. Being a family owned business, they specifically wanted one of the cereal boxes to be targeted towards children.


Feeling homesick? Each set of candles by Nostalgia comes with its personalized state fruit and dessert scent. What better way to reminisce of home sweet home than the essence of your favorite state. 


Paseo Vineyards is an internationally recognized, award winning, boutique winery, with a team dedicated to the pursuit of "good times and fine wines." Located in Napa Valley, California, the owners needed some updating and felt that their old-fashioned look is hurting them. In addition to a fresh, new logo, they needed labels for four bottles of wine along with one specialty reserve bottle.


The Plum Island Coffee & Creamery is a happy, dog-friendly, coffee and ice cream cafe located in Newbury, Massachusetts. The whole story began with owners who couldn't find it in their heart to part with their pups for an entire work day. What better way to enjoy a cup of coffee than to enjoy with every man/woman's best friend? Enjoy delicious scoops of ice cream alongside your dog with the pup treats selection solely for your pet. 

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